DP 200 Tech Spec

DP 200 Technical Specification:

The DP 200 is a machine developed by the Porcupine Partnership of BSW Timber and AV Birch. This partnership has built on all of the experience of the UK’s leading timber processor and the UK’s leading manufacturers of Timber Engineering machinery.

The DP 200 is a smaller capacity machine specifically developed for the lower volume treater. The machine is capable of running at variable feed speeds primarily as a standalone machine. The robust construction, modern control systems, easy maintenance and high operational safety – all backed by strong after sales support – ensure solid performance over a long service life.

The DP 200 offers flexbility in terms of cross section dependent on the requirements of the customer.  The machine is offered as a lower cost option in comparison to its big brother, the SP 200.  The lower capital cost of the machine results in a smaller capacity solution – best suited for smaller timber treatment companies looking for flexibility.

Final specification of the DP 200 by agreement and dependent on the range of cross sections to be incised. Sales enquiries, please contact us on +44 (0) 1746 714418 or email: graham@avbirch.co.uk

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