Awareness of Timber Incising Grows

Growing awareness of incising technology within the timber sector is now resulting in some of the industry’s biggest players working together to formulate a best practice approach.

Initiated by timber engineering and fabrication firm A V Birch, treatment giants Koppers is also part of a consultation group that includes some of the most widely recognised sawmill operators.

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BSW Timber and AV Birch’s ‘Porcupine Partnership’ Is Set
To Penetrate the Timber Treatment Market

BSW Timber, in partnership with AV Birch, is to launch state-of-the-art incising technology to help meet the growing demand for improved durability performance of pressure impregnated timber products such as fence posts, deck joists and garden sleepers.

The Porcupine Incising range of machinery has been developed by BSW and their partner AV Birch to solve an age-old industry challenge of penetration and retention in treated timber products.  Up to now, the main technology available to achieve this was from the North America. Sourcing machinery from the USA traditionally has brought many technical, logistical and commercial challenges for the UK market.

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BSW Timber’s easipost15 Awarded WPA Benchmark Certificate

BSW Timber’s easipost15 has been awarded the Benchmark quality assurance certificate by the Wood Protection Associations (WPA), becoming the first spruce post to achieve this highly regarded accreditation.

The WPA Benchmark scheme verifies that a commodity such as a post is treated to a standard that will deliver a minimum service life of 15 years. Certification means that easipost15 will now be identified with labels that carry the WPA Benchmark logo to reassure customer confidence with a third party assessment of the ability of this newly launched product to perform.

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BSW Timber makes fence posts ‘easi’ with 15 year warranty

– Incising process increases performance level of easi-post15 –

BSW Timber has extended its ‘easi’ range with the launch of easipost15, an incised fence post with a 15-year warranty.

easipost15 has been developed using an innovative incising process, which delivers chemical impregnation 6mm into the post to penetrate the heartwood as well as the sapwood. This has enabled BSW to take the performance level of easipost15 beyond BS8417.

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