SP 200 Tech Spec

SP 200 Technical Specification:

The SP 200 is a machine developed by the Porcupine Partnership of BSW Timber and AV Birch. This partnership has built on all of the experience of the UK’s leading timber processor and the UK’s leading manufacturers of Timber Engineering machinery.

Porcupine Incising SP200The SP 200 is a single pass high speed incisor machine developed for the larger volume treater. The machine is capable of running at variable feed speeds both as a stand alone machine or as an integrated process. The robust construction, modern control systems, easy maintenance and high operational safety – all backed by strong after sales support – ensure solid performance over a long service life.

Machine Specification:

Timber Dimensions SP 200
Min Thickness  75mm
Max Thickness  200mm
Min Width  75mm
Max Width  200mm
Main Motors  
Incisor Head Motors x 4 11kw motors
Working Height (Roller Bed)  900mm
Size of Machine
Height  2500mm
Width 2500mm
Length  2500mm

Please note there is a fixed conveyor on in feed and out feed. Additional 2000mm conveyor bolted on in feed and out feed. The electrical panel dimensions are 800mmx400mm x1800mm.


  1. Eight head configuration ensures sufficient incision density.
  2. Fully synchronised incising heads ensuring the specifically developed incising pattern is maintained during production runs.
  3. The SP 200 has an ergonomically designed layout and features to allow good uninhibited access to the incising heads for blade changing as well as an “easy lift” crane to change incising blades.
  4. The incising heads have been designed for quick blade change over where by the complete shaft setup and blades are removed in one block to allow a pre-prepared incising head to be be quickly installed into  the vacant housing.
  5. The machine has a bespoke designed knife system that acts as a writhing / cleaning knife system provides three important functions to the machine:
    • They clear out any build up of debris between the blades.
    • They act as a guide for the timber and hold it in the correct position to ensure equal depth incisions to all four faces.
    • They prevent tear out of timber on the faces of the post caused by the incising knives.
  6. A unique variable spring loaded damping system on each incising head to cope with the dimensional variation within each timber section as well as the different density and knots encountered down each timber length. The system alleviates damage and stress to blades and helps give a uniform incision pattern.
  7. The SP200 feed speeds are programmed through the inverter and are set at 6 fixed speeds.
  8. The entire SP 200 is fully distance guarded with two interlocked safety access gates connected to the emergency stop circuit while ensuring full process visibility for the operator.
  9. 4 Emergency Stop buttons at strategic positions and on main electrical panel.
  10. The SP 200 is CE Marked.
  11. Machine Design Registration Code – 002064600
  12. Blade Design Registration Code – 002064626
  13. Timber dimensions from 75x75mm through to 200x200mm in 25mm increments. Rectangular posts within these parameters can also be incised.
  14. Larger and smaller timber cross sections can be process by specification and design. This may alter motor size.

 Porcupine Incising SP200

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